Does It Snow In Florida? Immerse Yourself In A Myth-Busting Adventure

Does It Snow In Florida? It’s a fair question to ask, considering that the state of Florida is located in the southernmost part of the continental United States.

Most people think of Florida as a warm, tropical state – and for the most part, they would be correct.

The average temperatures in Florida do not typically dip below freezing, even in the winter months.

However, there are parts of the state that do experience some cold weather and occasionally even snowfall.

Does it Snow In Florida?
St. Augustine, Florida, United States

Does it Snow in Florida?

Although Florida is not known for its snowfall, the state does occasionally get snow. The northern part of Florida is most likely to experience snow, while the southern part of the state rarely sees any snow at all.

The last time it snowed in Florida was on 3rd January 2022; although it only snowed some flakes, but it was a rare sight to behold.

The last time Florida saw a significant amount of snow was in 2010, when a cold front moved through the state and brought with it several inches of snow. This event was so rare that it made national news headlines.

If you’re curious about whether it snows in Florida, the answer is yes – but only on very rare occasions.

How Often Does it Snow in Florida?

Snow flurries are not an everyday occurrence in Florida, but they happen often enough to average 2-3 inches of snowfall each year in the northern parts of the state.

That said, it does snow more often in some years than others. The last time Southern Florida became a winter wonderland was in January 1977.

So, while it doesn’t happen every year, snow is not unheard of in Florida – and when it does fall, it can be beautiful.

When Does it Snow in Florida?

Although it’s not common, it does snow in Florida. The northern and central parts of the state are most likely to see snowfall, while the southernmost areas are the least likely to see any accumulation

In fact, most of Florida sees less than two inches of snowfall each year on average. The exceptions to this rule are the Panhandle and North Florida regions, which see around five inches of snowfall each year on average. Even in these areas, however, it is still quite rare for any given year to bring significant snowfall.

But surprisingly, We got to see Snowfall in Florida in January 2022 this year, which was a rare sight to behold.

The following sections detail when and where snow is most likely to fall in Florida.

In general, snowfall in Florida is most likely to occur between December and February. 

This is due in part to the fact that the state is located in the southeastern United States, which tends to be cooler than other parts of the country during this time of year. 

Additionally, Florida is notorious for its humid and subtropical climate; however, cold air masses do occasionally sweep down from the north, bringing with them the potential for snowfall.

The northernmost parts of Florida are most likely to see snowfall, as they are located closest to cooler air masses that often originate in Canada. 

The central parts of the state are also fairly likely to see snowfall, although not as much as the north.

The southernmost parts of Florida are the least likely to see any accumulation, as they typically remain too warm for snowfall to occur. 

Coastal areas are also less likely to see snowfall, as oceanic influences tend to keep temperatures relatively mild year-round.

The Climate in Florida

Miami, FL, United States | Does it Snow in Florida?
Miami, FL, United States

Most people think of Florida as a hot, sunny, and humid state—and for the most part, they’re right. 

However, the climate in Florida is actually quite diverse and depending on where you are in the state, you can experience anything from subtropical weather to temperate conditions.

The northernmost parts of Florida typically have the coolest weather, with average highs in the winter dipping into the low 60s Fahrenheit. In the summer months, highs usually hover around 86 degrees. 

In Central Florida—which includes Orlando and other popular tourist destinations—the average highs are a few degrees warmer, ranging from about 70 degrees in winter to 90 degrees in summer.

And finally, in Southern Florida—including Miami and the Keys—the weather is warm and tropical all year round. High temperatures here only vary by a few degrees, typically ranging from 77 degrees in winter to 84 degrees in summer.

No matter what part of Florida you’re visiting, though, it’s important to remember that the state is known for its sudden changes in weather. 

So whether you’re packing for a beach vacation or heading to Disney World, be sure to bring along some sunscreen—and maybe a light jacket, too, just in case!

Things to Do in Florida in Winter

Although it’s difficult to find snow in Florida, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do during winter. 

From fishing and camping to festivals and concerts, there are plenty of activities to enjoy in the Sunshine State.

One popular winter activity is fishing. Florida is home to many different types of fish, including bass, trout, and redfish. 

There are also several great spots for saltwater fishing, such as the Keys and panhandle. If you don’t have a boat, you can always fish from the shore or go on a charter boat tour.

Another popular activity is camping. Florida has many beautiful state parks and campgrounds that are perfect for a winter getaway. 

You can also go hiking, biking, or canoeing in any of the state parks. If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, you can even go backpacking or rock climbing in some of the more remote areas.

In addition to outdoor activities, there are also plenty of great festivals and concerts to enjoy in Florida during winter. Some of the most popular include the Winter Park Jazz Festival, the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, and the Key WestConcert Series. There are also several holiday-themed events, such as Christmas in Orlando and Lights in Tampa.


After investigating this question, we can conclude that yes, it does snow in Florida. While it is not a common occurrence, it is certainly possible for snow to fall in the Sunshine State. 

There are several reasons for this, including the fact that Florida is large and has a diverse landscape. 

While the coastal areas are more likely to see warmer weather and less snow, the northern and central parts of Florida are closer to the Gulf of Mexico and thus have a greater chance of seeing colder temperatures and precipitation in the form of snow.

FAQs: About Snow in Florida

Does it Snow in Florida?

While it does not typically snow in Florida, there have been instances where snow has fallen in the state.

How Often Does it Snow in Florida?

Snow is a very rare occurrence in Florida, so it doesn’t happen often.

Where in Florida Does it Snow?

Snow has fallen in parts of northern and central Florida.

What Causes Snow to Fall in Florida?

Snow can occur when a cold front moves through the state and temperatures drop below freezing.