Does It Snow In St Augustine, Florida? Is It Actually a Thing?

St. Augustine is a historic city located in the northeast corner of Florida. Founded in 1565 by Spanish Explorer Pedro Menendez de Aviles, it is the oldest continuously inhabited European-established city in the United States.

The city has a warm climate and average temperatures that range from 61 degrees Fahrenheit in January to 83 degrees Fahrenheit in July. But does it snow in St. Augustine, Florida?

Does it Snow in St. Augustine, Florida?
St. Augustine, FL, USA

Does it Snow in St Augustine, Florida?

The answer is No, it does not snow in St Augustine, Florida. However, the nearby town of Flagler Beach did receive a few inches of snow in the past. So while you’re unlikely to see any snowfall during your trip to St Augustine, you may want to plan a day trip to somewhere else to experience a true winter wonderland.

How Often Does it Snow in st Augustine, Florida?

ST Augustine, Florida, rarely sees any snowfall at all. The last time it snowed in St. Augustine, Florida, was on December 30th, 1917.

So, Snow is not a common occurrence in St. Augustine, Florida.

When Does it Snow in st Augustine, Florida?

Although it’s very rare, snow does occasionally fall in St. Augustine. The last time measurable snow fell in the ancient city was on February 2nd, 1951, when the snow blanketed the area.

So if you’re hoping to experience a White Christmas while visiting St. Augustine, you might be out of luck.

But you can always enjoy the city’s many holiday events and attractions, which include the Night of Lights celebration and the Holiday Boat Parade!

The Weather in St Augustine, Florida

Coastline, St. Augustine, Florida, United States
Coastline, St. Augustine, Florida, United States

St. Augustine, Florida, is a beautiful place to visit, no matter what time of year it is. The weather is warm and sunny most of the year, but in the winter months, it can get cold.

St. Augustine has two distinct seasons: the wet season and the dry season. The wet season, which runs from May to October, is characterized by high humidity and frequent afternoon thunderstorms. 

The dry season, from November to April, is much more pleasant, with cooler temperatures and lower humidity.

While St. Augustine rarely sees snowfall, the city does experience a chilly winter climate thanks to its northern location on Florida’s Atlantic coast. highs in the mid-50s and lows in the upper 30s are not uncommon during January and February.

So, does it snow in St Augustine, Florida? The answer is No. it does not snow in St Augustine, FL.

St Augustine, Florida, has a humid subtropical climate, which is characterized by hot, humid summers and cool to mild winters. The city experiences its fair share of precipitation throughout the year.

But Snow is a rare occurrence in this part of Florida and usually only happens once or twice in decades. When it does snow, it doesn’t usually stay on the ground for very long.

If you’re planning a trip to St Augustine, Florida, you don’t need to worry about packing your heavy winter clothes. But it’s always a good idea to check the weather forecast before you travel, just in case!

Things to Do in St. Augustine, Florida in Winter

St. Augustine Castle, St. Augustine, Florida, USA | Does it Snow in St. Augustine, Florida?
St. Augustine Castle, St. Augustine, Florida, USA

Although Northern Florida experiences a fair amount of winter weather, including snow and ice, the snowfall is not typical in St. Augustine. 

However, this does not mean that there is nothing to do in the winter months! There are plenty of fun activities for visitors and residents alike to enjoy during the wintertime in America’s oldest city.

One popular activity is visiting the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park, which is home to alligators, crocodiles, snakes, tortoises, and lizards. The park offers educational shows and presentations throughout the day, giving visitors a chance to learn about these amazing creatures up close.

Another great activity is exploring the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, a well-preserved 17th-century fort. The monument offers tours of the fort as well as demonstrations of weapons and tactics used during that time period.

For those looking for a more culinary experience, the St. Augustine Distillery Company offers tours and tastings of their award-winning spirits. The distillery makes vodka, rum, and whiskey using locally sourced ingredients, and visitors can see how it all comes together during a tour of the facility.

Whatever your interests may be, there is sure to be something to do in St. Augustine during the winter months!


In conclusion, Does it snow in St. Augustine, Florida? The answer is No, it does not, normally, that is.

Although it is possible for it to snow in St. Augustine, Florida, however, it is not a common occurrence and does not typically happen every year. When it does snow in St. Augustine, it is usually a light dusting that does not accumulate on the ground.

FAQs: About Snow in St. Augustine, Florida

How Often Does it Snow in st Augustine, Florida?

It typically snows every few years in St Augustine, but the accumulation is usually very minimal.

Does it Ever get Cold Enough to Snow in St Augustine, Florida?

Yes, it can occasionally get cold enough for snow to fall in St Augustine, but this is rare.

What Is the Record low Temperature for St Augustine, Florida?

The record low temperature for St Augustine is 19 degrees Fahrenheit, which was set in February of 1951.