Does It Snow In Alexandria, Virginia?

Alexandria, Virginia, is located in the northeastern part of the United States, just south of Washington, D.C. Alexandria generally has a mild climate, but it can get cold in the winter. The temperature in Alexandria usually drops below freezing in December and January, but Does it Snow in Alexandria, Virginia?

Does it Snow in Alexandria, Virginia?
Alexandria, Virginia City Hall

Does it Snow in Alexandria, Virginia?

Yes, it does snow in Alexandria, Virginia! The amount of snowfall varies from year to year, but the city typically sees at least a few inches of snow each winter.

The snowfall in Alexandria is very seasonal, with the heaviest snowfalls typically occurring between December and February. However, snowfall can occur outside of this time period – particularly in October and November, as well as March and April. Snowfall accumulations vary widely from year to year, but the average is around 12 to 14 inches.

How Often Does it Snow in Alexandria, Virginia?

While it certainly doesn’t snow as often in Alexandria, Virginia, as it does in locations further north, the city still sees its fair share of winter weather. On average, the area receives around 14 inches of snow each year. However, this number can vary quite a bit from one year to the next.

When Does it Snow in Alexandria, Virginia?

The first snowfall of the season in Alexandria typically occurs in mid-November, although it has been known to snow as early as October and as late as December. The average date for the first measurable (one inch or more) snowfall is November 15. Snow usually melts quickly in Alexandria, even during colder winters. However, there are occasional exceptions when large snowstorms cause significant accumulation that persists for several days.

The Seasons in Alexandria, Virginia

Each season in Alexandria, Virginia, brings its own unique beauty, activities, and fun.

Springtime in Alexandria is marked by the blooming of thousands of tulips and daffodils in public parks and gardens. The days are warmer, and the evenings are lovely for strolling along the Potomac River waterfront. Restaurants set up outdoor seating, and locals can be seen enjoying ice cream cones on many a sunny afternoon.

Summer is the perfect time to visit one of Alexandria’s farmer’s markets or to pick your own strawberries at a local farm. The city’s public pools are open for cooling off, and boats dot the river as people enjoy time on the water. Historic homes offer tours to visitors, and there are always events happening downtown.

Autumn in Alexandria brings changing leaves, cozy sweaters, and pumpkin spice everything. The city’s parks are perfect for walks or picnics, and Halloween activities can be found throughout October. Local farms offer hayrides and opportunities to pick apples, and warm drinks are available at many coffee shops downtown.

finally, winter arrives with snowfall (on average, 10-14 inches per year). The city’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony is a must-see event, complete with hot cocoa and holiday carols. Ice skating is available at an outdoor rink downtown, or you can enjoy a cable car ride through Old Town to see the twinkling lights on homes and businesses.

Things to Do in Alexandria, Virginia in Winter

Old Town Alexandria, Virginia | Does it Snow in Alexandria, Virginia?
Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

Although it’s not a guarantee, it does snow in Alexandria, Virginia, on occasion. If you’re visiting during the winter months and hoping to experience a little snowfall, there are still plenty of fun things to do in the city. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Visit the Torpedo Factory Art Center: This art center is located in an old munitions factory and is now home to over 80 artist studios, galleries, and shops. You can explore the artwork, take a class, or watch a glassblowing demonstration.
  2. Go ice skating at the Cameron Run Regional Park: The park has an Olympic-sized outdoor skating rink that’s open during the winter months. You can rent skates or bring your own.
  3. Take a tour of Gadsby’s Tavern Museum: This museum is housed in a tavern that was built in 1785 and was once frequented by George Washington and other notable figures of the time. Today, you can take a tour of the tavern, see special exhibitions, and attend events.
  4. Learn about history at the Alexandria Archaeology Museum: Located in an old firehouse, this museum is dedicated to preserving and interpreting Alexandria’s archaeological heritage. You can view exhibits on local history and archaeology, participate in hands-on activities, or take a walking tour of historical sites.

Conclusion: Does it Snow in Alexandria, Virginia?

In Conclusion, it seems that the answer to does it snow in Alexandria, Virginia is a resounding Yes! The area gets an average of 8 to 14 inches of snow each year and has even been known to get as much as 50 inches in a single season. So if you’re looking for a winter wonderland, you may just find it in Alexandria!

FAQs: About Snow in Alexandria, Virginia

How Often Does it Snow in Alexandria, Virginia?

It snows an average of 5 to 10 days per year in Alexandria, Virginia.

How Much Snow Does Alexandria, Virginia get?

The average snowfall is 10 to12 inches.

What Is the Earliest Date That it Has Ever Snowed in Alexandria, Virginia?

The earliest date that it has ever snowed in Alexandria, Virginia, is October 27th.

What Is the Latest Date That it Has Ever Snowed in Alexandria, Virginia?

The latest date that it has ever snowed in Alexandria, Virginia, is April 1st.

How Much Snow Does Alexandria, Virginia, Get on Average Each Year?

Alexandria, Virginia, averages 14 inches of snow per year.

What Are the Coldest Months in Alexandria, Virginia?

The coldest months in Alexandria, Virginia, are January and February when temperatures average around 32 degrees Fahrenheit.