How to Track Flight Prices on Google: Fly Smart, Save Big!

Google Flights

Tracking flight prices has made my life a lot easier. In a world where these fluctuate due to various factors such as demand, seasons, and airline strategies, keeping an eye on these changes can be the difference between a costly trip and a bargain. And I believe that’s highly important to all of us!

Why Google, you may ask? Its powerful search capabilities and expansive databases make it an excellent resource for tracking prices. With real-time updates and comprehensive flight data, it offers travelers a straightforward and effective way to make informed decisions about their bookings.

Google Flights is a tool that not only helps you find and compare flights but also provides valuable insights about price trends. And today we’ll discuss all of its advantages.

Google Flights

Google Flights is a search engine dedicated to making your flight booking process as smooth as possible. It’s designed with powerful features that allow users to compare flights from various airlines, track prices, and even explore potential destinations.

The platform is user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to navigate and use, even if you’re new to tracking prices. The power of the platform lies in its features and functionalities. It leverages Google’s colossal databases and algorithms to provide real-time information.

Users can set alerts, filter options based on their preferences, and even use the platform’s innovative features to discover new destinations. Understanding how to use it effectively means knowing the platform’s functionalities.

This ranges from setting up alerts and using the flexible date search option to analyzing price trends and exploring multiple itineraries. Each feature is designed to help users make informed decisions when booking their flights, potentially saving them money and time.

For visual learners, Google Flights also offers an informative infographic that breaks down the cost fluctuations, making it even simpler to pinpoint the most budget-friendly travel days. This tool is particularly useful for travelers with some degree of flexibility in their schedule.

Finding the cheapest days or months to fly is an invaluable strategy when it comes to saving on airfare. Google Flights’ flexible date search simplifies this process by offering an overview of prices across a range of dates. Ready to explore how to make your travel plans more budget-friendly? Click here to discover the infographic!

Setting Up Alerts

One of the key features of Google Flights is the ability to set up price alerts. These alerts notify you via email when there are significant price changes for flights you’re interested in. This way, you can keep track of  prices without the need to continuously check the website or app, freeing up your time and ensuring you never miss a good deal.

Setting up alerts on the platform is quite straightforward. Once you’ve conducted a flight search and have the results, there’s a simple toggle for ‘Track Prices’. By turning this on, Google Flights will send you an email whenever the prices for your tracked air travel change.

Beyond just setting up alerts, it also allows users to customize their tracking based on specific dates and destinations. You can choose to receive alerts for a particular route over a specified period.

This level of customization ensures that the information you receive is relevant to your travel plans, making the feature incredibly useful for planning trips.

Flexible Date Searches

flexible dates

Flying prices can vary significantly based on the day or even the time of day you choose to fly. Thus, if your travel dates are flexible, you can potentially save a lot by adjusting your itinerary to when flights are cheaper.

The platform makes this easy with its flexible date search feature. Using this feature, you can quickly scan prices over a week or month to spot when flying is cheapest. The platform provides a color-coded calendar and graph, allowing you to see at a glance when prices rise or drop.

This tool is particularly useful for travelers with some degree of flexibility in their schedule. Finding the cheapest days or months to fly is an invaluable strategy when it comes to saving on airfare. Google Flights’ flexible date search simplifies this process by offering an overview of prices across a range of dates.

Using this tool, you can identify the most affordable times to travel and plan your trip accordingly.

Explore Destinations

For those of us who love spontaneous adventures or are open to various travel destinations, Google Flights’ ‘Explore Destinations’ feature is a godsend. This feature shows you a map with prices to different locations based on your search criteria. This means you can discover new destinations based on your budget and other preferences.

When you enter your departure location and dates, the ‘Explore Destinations’ feature presents a list of places you can travel to, along with the flying prices. This allows you to compare and find the most affordable or exciting destinations. It’s an excellent tool for travelers looking for inspiration for their next trip.

One of the great things about this platform is its adaptability to various budget constraints. With the ‘Explore Destinations’ feature, you can set a limit to find destinations within your budget. This can lead to discovering amazing locations you may not have considered before.

Price Trends


Knowledge is power, and when it comes to booking flights, understanding price trends can be a game-changer.

Google Flights offers a feature that allows you to view historical price trends for specific routes and dates. This can provide valuable insights into when prices are likely to increase or decrease. These historical trends are displayed in a simple, easy-to-understand graph.

They offer a visual representation of changes over time, helping you identify patterns and make predictions about future prices. For instance, if you notice that prices for your desired air travel usually decrease two weeks before the departure date, you can plan to make your booking then.

Recognizing patterns and fluctuations can significantly inform your booking decisions. It allows you to anticipate when prices are likely to go up, ensuring you book before a hike. Similarly, identifying when prices typically fall could mean waiting a bit longer before booking to get the best deal.

Price Graphs

Price graphs on Google Flights offer an intuitive way to visualize variations over different dates. By representing data in a graph format, the platform makes it easy for you to spot trends, compare prices, and identify the most cost-effective dates to fly.

Understanding these graphs is key to capitalizing on their benefits. The graph displays prices for different dates, allowing you to easily compare and find the cheapest days to fly. A quick glance at the graph can provide valuable insights into the best times to book your flight.

Identifying the optimal time to book based on trends could result in significant savings. For example, if the graph shows that prices are usually lower mid-week, you might choose to adjust your travel dates accordingly.

Alternatively, you might spot a recurring price dip a certain number of days before departure, signaling the best time to book.

Comparing Multiple Itineraries

flight search

In addition to tracking prices, this platform also enables you to compare different flying options. This feature allows you to assess various factors such as price, layovers, and travel durations, aiding in your decision-making process.

When searching for flights, it presents a list of options from different airlines, with varying prices, departure times, and durations. This allows you to weigh these variables against each other to find the itinerary that best suits your needs and preferences.

A longer air travel with multiple layovers, for example, may be cheaper but less convenient than a direct flight. Beyond just comparing flying options, Google Flights also provides a detailed overview of each itinerary.

This includes information about layovers, including their duration and location, allowing you to evaluate whether the savings from a cheaper flight outweigh the inconvenience of a long layover.

Nearby Airports

Another feature that can save you money on Google Flights is the option to consider nearby airports. Depending on your destination, there might be multiple airports within a reasonable distance, and flying into or out of one of these alternative airports could offer significant savings.

When you search for flights, the platform automatically includes nearby airports in your search results. This allows you to compare prices and decide if the potential savings from using an alternative airport outweigh the possible inconvenience of traveling a bit further.

Apart from potential cost savings, considering nearby airports can also offer more options. Some airlines might not operate in your preferred airport but do in an alternative one nearby. By considering these airports, you increase your chances of finding the best possible deal.

Budget Airlines and Connecting Flights

connecting flights

Google Flights includes options for budget airlines and connecting flights, which can sometimes offer substantial savings. These options are included in your search results, allowing you to explore a wider range of flying possibilities.

Budget airlines typically offer cheaper fares than their full-service counterparts. However, they often have stricter policies and fewer amenities, which is something to keep in mind when considering these options.

The platform clearly labels budget flights, making it easy for you to identify and consider these options. Connecting flights, despite the added travel time and potential inconvenience of layovers, can sometimes be significantly cheaper than direct flights.

Google Flights includes these options in your search results, along with details of layover durations and locations. This allows you to weigh the potential savings against the extra travel time and inconvenience.

Fare Changes and Notifications

Staying informed about fare changes can be the difference between nabbing a great deal and paying more than necessary. The platform offers notifications and alerts that keep you updated about changes for flights you’re interested in.

Once you’ve set up an alert for a particular flight, the platform will send you notifications via email or smartphone whenever there’s a significant change in price. This means you can stay updated about potential deals or hikes without constantly checking the website or app.

Being proactive in tracking fare changes can significantly influence your air travel booking experience. With Google Flights’ notifications, you’re kept in the loop about changes, allowing you to act promptly when a good deal surfaces or when prices are about to rise.

Timing Your Purchase

google flight app

One of the most critical aspects of booking is knowing when to make your purchase. Timing your booking can significantly impact the price you pay, and Google Flights offers features and insights to help you optimize this timing.

Google Flights uses historical data to make predictions about when flying prices are likely to change. This feature, combined with alerts and trend analysis, can guide you on the best time to make your booking.

For instance, if Google predicts that prices are likely to rise in the next week, it may be a good idea to book your flight sooner rather than later. Maximizing your savings when booking often involves a blend of strategies, and timing your purchase is a crucial one.

Whether it’s booking at the right time of day, week, or month, or making your booking a specific number of days before departure, Google Flights provides the insights you need to make these decisions confidently.


Does Google Flights offer any rewards or loyalty programs for frequent travelers?

The platform itself does not offer rewards or loyalty programs. However, it can help you find flights that may qualify for frequent flyer miles or rewards programs offered by airlines.

Does the platforms provide information on baggage fees for different airlines?

Google Flights does not display specific baggage fee information. It’s advisable to check with the respective airline’s website for their baggage policies and fees.

Can I get all the information without creating an account?

Yes, you can track the prices without creating an account. But take into consideration that creating an account allows you to save preferences and manage your tracked flights.

Can I track flight prices using my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you can. Google Flights is accessible via mobile browsers or the dedicated app.

Are there any limitations or drawbacks?

While this is a useful tool, it’s important to note that prices can change rapidly, and certain deals or offers may have limited availability. It’s advisable to book promptly when you find a favorable price.


In the digital age, the ability to track flight prices effectively is a valuable skill for any traveler. Google, with its advanced technology and vast databases, offers a powerful tool for this purpose – Google Flights.

The platform equips you with the resources to make informed decisions and potentially save on your airfare. From setting up alerts and exploring flexible date searches to analyzing trends and comparing multiple itineraries, it puts a wealth of information at your fingertips.

As with any tool, the key to benefiting from this platform lies in understanding how to use it effectively. By familiarizing yourself with its features and learning how to interpret the data it provides, you can leverage it to your advantage.

I would definitely recommend everyone to consider using Google Flights as a valuable tool in your arsenal for finding the best flying deals. It’s a real game changer!