Does It Snow In Ohio? The Untold Snowy Saga of the Midwest

Oh, the joys of winter in Ohio! From snowball fights to building snowmen, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of seeing a blanket of snow covering the ground. But does it snow in Ohio?

If you’re a resident of this state or planning a trip, you might be wondering what to expect in terms of winter weather.

In this post, we’ll explore the answer to the question, “Does it snow in Ohio?” and discuss the state’s climate and weather patterns.

Whether you’re hoping for a white Christmas or just want to know what to pack for your trip, this post has you covered. So grab your mittens, and let’s dive into the subject of snow in Ohio.

Cleveland, Ohio | Does it Snow in Ohio?
Cleveland, Ohio

Does It Snow in Ohio?

The answer to this question is, Yes, it does snow in Ohio! The state sees an average of 28 inches of snowfall each year.

With January receiving 9.5 inches and February receiving 7.6 inches of Snowfall, making them the snowiest months of the year.

However, winter weather can vary greatly from one year to the next. Some winters may see very little snow, while others may bring several feet.

Snow usually starts falling in Ohio in late November or early December, and the state usually sees its last snowfall of the season in March. However, it’s not uncommon for there to be a few flakes of snow in April.

If you’re hoping to build a snowman or go sledding, you’re more likely to have luck in the northern part of the state, where winters are typically colder and there is more snowfall.

However, even if you don’t get a lot of snow where you live in Ohio, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the winter season!

How Often Does It Snow in Ohio?

While it does snow in Ohio, it doesn’t snow as often as one might think. The state sees an average of 20 to 30 inches of snow each year, which is actually pretty close to the US average of 25 to 35 inches.

That said, some parts of Ohio do see more snow than others. For example, the city of Cleveland sees an average of 60 inches of snow each year, while Columbus only sees about 28.2 inches.

So, if you’re thinking of moving to Ohio and are worried about the winters, rest assured that you’ll probably get used to the snowfall pretty quickly!

When Does It Snow in Ohio?

Canton, Ohio | Does it Snow in Ohio?
Canton, Ohio

Snowfall in Ohio typically occurs from late October through early April, with the majority of snowfall events happening between November and March. The state averages around 30 inches of snow each year, but certain areas can receive much more or much less depending on elevation and location.

While Ohio is not known for its snowy winters, the state does see its fair share of snowfall each year. The northern part of Ohio usually sees the most snow, with an average of 60 inches per year. The southern part of the state sees an average of 36 inches of snow per year.

In general, the higher elevations in the southern and eastern parts of the state see the most snow, while the western lowlands tend to get less. The Great Lakes also have a significant influence on snowfall patterns in Ohio, as lake-effect snow can produce significant accumulation downwind of the lakes.

The Climate in Ohio

Ohio has a continental climate, which means that it experiences hot summers and cold winters. The state is located in the midwest, so it is susceptible to both polar air masses and tropical air masses. This results in a variety of weather conditions throughout the year.

While Ohio does experience some snowfall, it is not as common as in other states in the region. The state averages around 30 inches of snow per year, which is less than states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. However, snowfall can vary greatly from year to year, and some parts of the state may receive more or less snow than others.

What Is the Weather Like in Ohio?

Hocking Hills Ohio in Winter | Does it Snow in ohio?
Hocking Hills Ohio in Winter

The answer to this question is a bit complicated. Ohio is a state that experiences all four seasons, so the answer to this question depends on what time of year it is.

In the Winter(from mid-November to mid-March), Ohio can get quite cold, and it sometimes snows. However, snow is not guaranteed – some years, there is very little snow, and other years there may be several heavy snowstorms.

In the Spring (from mid-March to late May), the weather in Ohio begins to warm up, and by Summer (from late May to early September), it can be quite hot. While it doesn’t snow in Ohio during these months, thunderstorms are common.

Autumn (from early September to mid-November) is a beautiful time of year in Ohio, as the leaves on the trees change color. The weather during this season is usually mild, although there can be the occasional cold snap or warm spell.

What Are the Most Popular Things to Do in Ohio in Winter?

Kings Mill Covered Bridge in Ohio in Winter
Kings Mill Covered Bridge in Ohio in Winter

Though Ohio is not as well known as some other states for its winter activities, there are still plenty of things to do here when the snow is falling.

From skiing and snowboarding to dog sledding and ice fishing, there are plenty of options for outdoor fun.

And if you’re looking for something to do indoors, you can always visit one of Ohio’s many museums or take a tour of a famous archaeological site.

So whether you’re a winter sports enthusiast or just looking for something different to do, check out our list of the top things to do in Ohio in winter.


In conclusion, it does snow in Ohio! While the general consensus among residents is that the winters are getting milder, there is still plenty of snow to go around.

The state sees an average of 28.2 inches of snowfall each year, which is more than enough to make a decent snowball fight!

So if you’re looking for a winter wonderland, Ohio is a great place to be.

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FAQs About Snow In Ohio

Snow is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It’s a time to be with family, make snowmen, and just have fun. But it can also be a pain to deal with, especially if you’re not used to it.

With that said, here are some of the frequently asked questions that people often ask when visiting Ohio in winter.

How Often Does It Snow in Ohio?

That depends on where you live in Ohio. Snowfall totals vary widely across the state, with areas in the north receiving much more snow than areas in the south. However, on average, most of Ohio sees around 20-30 inches of snow each year.

When Does It Usually Start Snowing in Ohio?

The first flakes typically start falling sometime in late October or early November. However, it’s not uncommon for there to be a few flakes before then.

Does It Ever Get Really Cold in Ohio?

Yes, winter temperatures can get quite cold in Ohio. In fact, the state even holds the record for the lowest temperature ever recorded in the contiguous United States (-60 degrees Fahrenheit/-51 degrees Celsius)!
That being said, colder temperatures are more common up north near Lake Erie, where “lake-effect” snow can make conditions even worse.

How do people deal with all the snow?

Most people just deal with it! Some people love snow, and others hate it, but either way, life goes on. Just make sure you’re prepared with warm clothes and a good plan to get around if you need to go out in it.

How Frequently Does It Snow in Ohio?

While there is no definitive answer, it typically snows multiple times throughout the winter months in Ohio.

What Are the Best Places to Go Sledding or Tubing in Ohio?

There are numerous hills and valleys throughout the state, so there are many options for sledding and tubing. Some popular places include Boston Mills Ski Resort, Mad River Mountain, and Alpine Valley.

How Deep Does the Snow Usually Get?

Again, there is no definitive answer, but snowfall totals can range from a few inches to a few feet, depending on the storm.

What Is the Best Way to Shovel Snow?

There is no one “best” way to shovel snow, but some tips include: dressing warmly, taking breaks often, and pushing the snow rather than lifting it.