Does it Snow in Bangkok? – Exploring the Rare Phenomenon

Does It Snow In Thailand

Bangkok is a tropical city located in the heart of Southeast Asia. It is known for its hot, humid weather and its vibrant culture.

However, the occurrence of snow there is incredibly rare. Thailand as a whole rarely experiences snowing, with a historical record indicating only one instance of snowfall in Bangkok which took place on January 7, 1955.

At the time, the temperature dropped to 2 degrees Celsius (36 degrees Fahrenheit). This was a very rare event, and it is not expected to happen again anytime soon.

This blog post will explore the rare phenomenon of snowing in Bangkok. We will discuss the factors that make it so unlikely for snow to fall there, the one time that it did, and the possibility of falling in the future.

Why Doesn’t It Snow in Bangkok?

There are a few reasons why it doesn’t snow in Bangkok. First, the city is located near the equator.

This means that it receives a lot of sunlight throughout the year, which helps to keep the temperatures high. The average temperature in the city is 28 degrees Celsius (82 degrees Fahrenheit).

Second, Bangkok is located in a tropical rainforest climate. This type of climate is characterized by high humidity and rainfall.

The humidity helps to prevent snow from forming, as the water vapor in the air prevents the temperature from dropping below freezing. The average humidity there is 77%.

Finally, Bangkok is not located at a high altitude. The highest point in the city is only about 200 meters (660 feet) above sea level.

For snow to form, the temperature needs to be below freezing and the air needs to be dry. This is not possible at sea level in Bangkok.

The Only Time It Snowed

The only time that snow was ever recorded in Bangkok was on January 7, 1955. The temperature dropped to 2 degrees Celsius (36 degrees Fahrenheit), and a light dusting of snow fell in some areas of the city.

Snowing was a novelty for many Bangkokians, and they quickly took to the streets to play in it. The snow melted quickly, but the memory of it lives on.

Why Was It Snowing in 1955?

There are a few factors that contributed to snowing in Bangkok in 1955. First, the city experienced a cold snap that caused the temperatures to drop below freezing.

Second, there was a lot of moisture in the air, which helped to facilitate snow formation. Finally, the wind was blowing from the north, which brought cold air down from the mountains.

The combination of these factors created the perfect conditions for snow to fall. The chances of witnessing snowfall in Bangkok again are highly unlikely, but the snowfall of 1955 still holds a significant place in the city’s history.

Can It Happen Again in the Future?

It is possible that it could snow in Bangkok again in the future. However, it is a very rare event, and it would require a combination of factors to be just right.

The city would need to experience a cold snap, there would need to be a lot of moisture in the air, and the wind would need to be blowing from the north. It is also worth noting that climate change is causing the Earth’s temperatures to rise.

This means that it is becoming less likely that there will be snow in the future.

Other Places in Thailand Where It Snows

While it is very rare for snow to fall in Bangkok, there are other places in Thailand where it does snow. The highest mountain in Thailand is Doi Inthanon, which is located in the northern part of the country.

Doi Inthanon has an average elevation of 2,565 meters (8,415 feet), and it is the only place in Thailand where snow is a regular occurrence. It also snows on other mountains in northern Thailand, such as Doi Suthep and Doi Chiang Dao.

However, these mountains are not as high as Doi Inthanon, so snow is not as common.


What are the chances of seeing snow in Bangkok?

The chances of seeing snow there are very slim. The city is located in a tropical climate and the temperatures are rarely below freezing. However, it is not impossible, and there have been a few rare occasions when it was snowing in the city.

What should I do if I see snow in Bangkok?

If you see snowing in the city, enjoy the moment! It is a rare and special event. You can take pictures, build a snowman, or just go out and play in the snow.

What is the average temperature in Bangkok in winter?

The average temperature there in winter is 28 degrees Celsius (82 degrees Fahrenheit). However, the temperatures can fluctuate, and it is not uncommon for the temperature to drop below 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) at night.

What is the best time of year to visit Bangkok if you want to see snow?

The best time of year to visit Bangkok if you want to see snow is in the winter, from December to February. However, it is important to note that snow is a very rare occurrence, so there is no guarantee that you will see it.

Are there any places in Bangkok where I can see snow even if it doesn’t fall outside?

Yes, there are a few places in the city where you can see snow even if it doesn’t fall outside. One place is Snow Town Bangkok, which is an indoor snow park. Another place is Dream World, which is an amusement park that has a snow area.

Final Words

While it is unlikely that it will ever snow in Bangkok again, the 1955 snowfall remains a memorable event in the city’s history. It is a reminder that even in a tropical climate, anything is possible.

If you are planning a trip to the city, do not expect to see any snow. However, you can still enjoy the city’s many other attractions, such as its temples, palaces, and markets. And who knows, maybe you will be lucky enough to experience a rare snowfall in Bangkok one day.