Weird Ways to Earn Gold in Runescape: 20 Tips for Beginners 2024

Weird Ways to Earn Gold in Runescape: 20 Tips for Beginners 2024

Runescape, a world brimming with adventure and opportunities, offers myriad ways to earn gold. Beyond the typical grind, there exist several unconventional methods that can both entertain and enrich you.

Let’s explore these lesser-known avenues for accumulating wealth in Runescape, especially useful for beginners in 2024.

1. The Art of Party Hat Trading

The Art of Party Hat Trading


Party hats, rare cosmetic items in Runescape, have always been more than just fashion statements. They are a form of investment. Trading them requires an understanding of the market and player psychology. Start by observing market trends, buying low, and selling high. It’s a risky yet potentially lucrative venture.

2. Mystery Box Gambles

Mystery boxes, bought from various NPCs or events, are a gamble. While they can contain common, low-value items, there’s always a chance of striking gold with a rare, valuable item. This method is not for the faint-hearted but can yield high rewards for the lucky few. Learn more about earning OSRS Gold or OSRS GP at

3. Rare Item Flipping

The Grand Exchange is not just for selling your loot; it’s a playground for the astute trader. Rare items, due to their fluctuating prices, present an opportunity for flipping – buying low and selling high. Stay informed about updates or events that might affect item demand.

4. Exploring the Wilderness for Hidden Treasures

Exploring the Wilderness for Hidden Treasures

The Wilderness, a high-risk PvP area, is littered with valuable items and resources. While perilous, exploring these zones can be highly rewarding. Keep an eye out for less frequented spots where rare items might spawn.

5. Casting High Alchemy on Unlikely Items

High Alchemy can be used on various items for profit. The key is to find items that yield more gold than the cost of the Nature runes and the item itself. This requires constant market research but can be a steady income source.

6. Becoming a Master Chef

Cooking might seem mundane, but there’s gold in those pies and fishes. High-level foods are always in demand, especially those that provide buffs or heal a significant amount of health. Mastering cooking and selling these foods can be surprisingly profitable.

7. Fishing for Profits

Fishing isn’t just a relaxing pastime; it’s a gold mine. Certain fish, especially those used in high-level cooking recipes or those required for quests, can sell for a handsome sum. The key is knowing what’s in demand and where to catch them.

8. Growing Money: Farming High-Value Herbs

Growing Money: Farming High-Value Herbs

Farming is often overlooked but growing high-value herbs like Snapdragon or Torstol can be highly profitable. These herbs are in constant demand for potion-making. This method requires some upfront investment in seeds and time but can yield significant returns.

9. The Miner’s Fortune: Rare Ores and Gems

Mining isn’t just about iron and coal. Prospecting for rare ores or gems can be profitable, especially if you find locations that are less known or underutilized. With some patience and luck, you can unearth ores that sell for a high price.

10. Crafting for Gold: High-Level Runecrafting

Runecrafting, particularly at higher levels, can be a gold mine. Crafting runes that are in high demand for high-level spells, like Nature runes or Law runes, can earn you a considerable amount of gold. It’s a skill that requires dedication but is rewarding.

11. The Entertainer’s Path: Hosting Events or Competitions

The Entertainer's Path: Hosting Events or Competitions

If you have a flair for entertainment, consider hosting events or competitions with an entry fee. Whether it’s a PvP tournament, a treasure hunt, or a skill competition, you can attract participants and spectators, earning gold through entry fees or sponsorships.

12. Becoming a Quest Guide

For new or struggling players, completing certain quests can be daunting. Offering your services as a guide, for a fee, can be a unique way to earn gold. This requires thorough knowledge of various quests and the ability to communicate effectively.

13. The Art of Potion Brewing

Like cooking, potion brewing can be quite profitable. High-level potions, especially those used in boss battles or for skill-boosting, are always in demand. Mastering Herblore to create these potions can be a steady source of income.

14. Utilizing Construction Skills

Utilizing Construction Skills

If you’re skilled in Construction, consider creating sought-after house features or hosting house parties for a fee. Unique or high-level house features can attract a lot of attention, and players are often willing to pay for access or assistance in building their own.

15. Playing the Role of a Mercenary

Lastly, if you’re skilled in combat, consider offering your services as a mercenary. This can involve helping players clear difficult content or acting as a bodyguard in dangerous areas. It’s a role that requires combat proficiency and can be quite rewarding.

16. Mastering the Art of Slayer Assignments

Slayer is not just a way to train your combat skills; it can also be a significant source of income. Certain Slayer assignments drop valuable items. The trick is to accept the right assignments and efficiently complete them. As your Slayer level increases, so do your chances of encountering profitable monsters.

17. Becoming a RuneScape Journalist or Content Creator

If you have a knack for writing or creating content, consider becoming a RuneScape journalist or content creator. You can create guides, news articles, or entertaining videos and monetize them through various platforms. This approach not only earns you gold in-game but can also translate to real-world income.

18. Organizing and Participating in Treasure Trails

Treasure Trails, a series of clues leading to buried treasures, can be a fun and profitable activity. Organizing community events centered around Treasure Trails, or even participating in them, can lead to discovering valuable items. Some of these items, exclusive to Treasure Trails, can fetch a high price on the Grand Exchange.

19. Leveraging Skills in Player-Owned Ports

Player-Owned Ports is a high-level minigame that can be a consistent source of income. By effectively managing your ships and crew, you can acquire rare resources and trade goods that sell for a substantial amount. This requires strategic planning and time management but is a unique and rewarding approach to earning gold.

20. Playing the Market with Bonds

Playing the Market with Bonds

Bonds, purchased with real money or in-game gold, offer another dimension to Runescape’s economy. By buying bonds when prices are low and selling when high, you can make a profit. This method requires an understanding of the game’s economy and player trends, making it more suitable for experienced players.


Runescape’s rich and dynamic world provides countless opportunities for imaginative and enterprising players to earn gold. From trading rare items to leveraging unique skills, the game allows for a variety of unconventional methods to accumulate wealth.

For beginners in 2024, these tips not only offer a starting point but also inspire creative strategies for gold earning.