10 Awesome Rock Climbing Gyms in NYC In 2024 – Get Your Adrenaline Pumping


If you’re a New Yorker with a thirst for adventure and a love for heights, you’re in luck! The city that never sleeps boasts some seriously cool rock climbing gyms that will challenge your skills and get your adrenaline pumping.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to conquer your fear of heights or a seasoned climber seeking new challenges, these 10 rock climbing gyms in NYC have got you covered. Get ready to harness up and scale the walls of these urban climbing havens!

10. Goat Climbing Gym



  • A wide range of climbing routes suitable for all skill levels.
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff that provide excellent guidance.
  • Bouldering area for those who prefer shorter, challenging routes.
  • Spacious facility with a great community vibe.
Membership Costs Facilities
Day Passes:
Adult day pass (Age 23 and above): $25.00 Bouldering area
Discount day pass (Adult Under 23’s, seniors 65+, Emergency service workers and veterans): $21.00 Lead climbing walls
Children’s day pass (6 and under): $18.00 Top-rope walls
Rentals: Training area
Shoes: $3.00
Chalk: $3.00
Harness: $3.00
Belay device (Collateral required): $3.00
Rental Package: $10.00
Monthly Membership (Billed Monthly – Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)):
Adult EFT: $88.00
Adult EFT (Under 23’s, seniors 65+, Emergency service workers and veterans): $80.00
Child EFT (under 6): $65.00
Annual Prepaid:
Adult: $925.00
Adult (Under 23’s, seniors 65+, Emergency service workers and veterans): $845.00
Child (under 6): $695.00
Monthly prepaid:
Adult: $110.00
Adult (Under 23’s, seniors 65+, Emergency service workers and veterans): $92.00
Child (under 6): $75.00

9. Brooklyn Boulders



  • Innovative climbing routes set by world-class route setters.
  • Yoga and fitness classes included in the membership.
  • Co-working space for climbers who work remotely.
  • Vibrant community events and workshops.
Membership Costs Facilities
Day Passes:
Adult (21+) Day Pass: $32 Bouldering area
Young Adult (14 – 20) Day Pass: $27 Training areas
Youth (13 & under) Day Pass: $22 Yoga and fitness classes
Punch Cards:
Adult (21+) 10-Punch: $285
Young Adult (14 – 20) 10-Punch: $250
Youth (13 & under) 10-Punch: $190 (not applicable for Kids Academy climbers)
Recurring Monthly Memberships (EFT):
Adult (21+) Monthly Membership: $120
Young Adult (14 – 20) Monthly Membership: $99
Youth (13 & under) Monthly Membership: $60
Start-up Fee: $80
Annual Memberships:
Adult (21+) Annual Membership: $1200 billed annually
Young Adult (14 – 20) Annual Membership: $990 billed annually
Youth (13 & under) Annual Membership: $600 billed annually
Adult/Dependent Memberships: (Available in-facility only)
Monthly: $120, plus $60/dependent. $80 start-up fee
Annual: $1200, plus $600/dependent. No start-up fee
Rental Gear:
Rental Climbing Shoes: $7
Rental Chalk: $2

8. Vital Climbing Gym – Manhattan

steep Rock East (NYC)


  • An extensive range of bouldering problems with regular route updates.
  • Friendly and supportive community.
  • Great options for beginners and advanced climbers.
  • Affordable day passes and rental gear.
Membership Costs Facilities
Single Visit:
Single Visit: $25 Bouldering area
5-Day Punch Pass: $115 Fitness & training area
10-Day Punch Pass: $200 Campus board and hangboards
Monthly Membership: $115 per month (one-time $10 fee for a member key card) Unlimited classes
Prepaid Annual Membership: $1,150 Ability to reserve at Home Gym in advance online
Climbing Shoes: $5
Chalk Bag: $2


7. Central Rock Gym


  • An extensive range of bouldering problems with over 10,000 square feet of climbing.
  • 400 linear feet dedicated to bouldering.
  • Comprehensive fitness offerings with 2,000 square feet of fitness and training space.
  • Daily programs for ages 3.5-18.
  • Proprietary series of 8 technique classes for climbing progression.
  • Conveniently located in Manhattan.
Membership Costs Facilities
Single Visit: $25-$33
Rental Gear Bundle: $7
Memberships: $99-$214 per month

– Rental gear is free with membership

6. The Cliffs


  • Indoor climbing with stunning views of the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • Kid-friendly walls and climbing classes for children.
  • Knowledgeable staff always ready to assist.
  • Yoga and fitness classes available.
Membership Costs Facilities
Day Pass: $34 Access to the climbing gym, fitness areas, and locker rooms for the day
Rental Add-ons for Day Pass:
  • Climbing Shoes: $7
  • Harness: $5
  • Chalk Bag: $3
  • Rental Package: $12 1 Month Pass: $170 | All the benefits of a Day Pass, for 30 days! Rental Add-ons for 1 Month Pass: |
  • Climbing Shoes: $7
  • Harness: $5
  • Chalk Bag: $3
  • Rental Package: $12 10-Punch Pass: $306 | Ten Day Pass visits to The Cliffs at LIC. Valid up to one year from the date of purchase Rental Add-ons for 10-Punch Pass: |
  • Climbing Shoes: $7
  • Harness: $5
  • Chalk Bag: $3
  • Rental Package: $12 Learn To Climb Package: $169 | Beginner package includes:
  • 1 month of unlimited climbing
  • Two Intro classes (Learn how to climb + belay)
  • Unlimited fitness + yoga classes for a month
  • Free rental gear for a month

5. BKB Queensbridge


  • A diverse range of climbing surfaces for all abilities.
  • Well-designed co-working space with Wi-Fi access.
  • Sauna and showers available for post-climbing relaxation.
  • Family-friendly environment.
Membership Type Cost

4. The Gravity Vault – Hoboken


  • Just across the river from Manhattan, easily accessible.
  • Walls suited for all levels, from beginners to experts.
  • Well-maintained and clean facility.
  • Group events and birthday party packages available.
Membership Costs Price
Day Passes
Adult $30.00
Youth (20 & under) $27.00
Belay Only (includes harness) $17.00
Shoes $6.00
Harness $5.00
Chalk Bag $3.00
Full Rental (all 3) $11.00
Adult Multi-Facility $92.00/month
Youth (20 & under) $87.00/month
Adult Multi-Facility $975.00/year
Youth (20 & under) $920.00/year
1 Month Membership (Adult) $118.00
1 Month Membership (Youth 20 & under) $108.00
PUNCH PASSES (With Equipment Rental)
10-Visit Pass (Adult) $369.00
10-Visit Pass (Youth 20 & under) $342.00
PUNCH PASSES (Without Equipment Rental)
10-Visit Pass (Adult) $270.00
10-Visit Pass (Youth 20 & under) $243.00

3. MPHC Climbing Gym



  • A local gem with a supportive and inclusive community.
  • A good selection of routes for various skill levels.
  • Affordable pricing and discounts for students and military personnel.
  • Unique wall features to keep things interesting.

Membership Costs & Facilities:

  • Day Pass: Normally $40.00 on weekdays and $50.00 on weekends. (Note: They currently have a discounted day pass offer, but the exact discount amount is not specified.)
  • Monthly: The monthly membership details mention a “No Commit Membership” with a $20.23 registration fee (normally $195), $104 dues, and a $29 process fee. However, the regular monthly price outside of this offer is not specified.
  • Facilities:
    • Top-rope walls
    • Bouldering area
    • Weight training floor
    • Functional training floor
    • Cardio mezzanine
    • Group exercise classes
    • Junior Olympic size pool
    • Virtual live & on-demand fitness class access

2. Chelsea Piers Fitness – The Field House


  • Excellent climbing walls combined with extensive fitness facilities.
  • Pro shop with gear for purchase and rental.
  • On-site café and lounge area.
  • Ideal for families and climbers looking for additional fitness options.

1. Urban Ascent NYC

Urban Ascent NYC climbing gym

If you’re seeking a thrilling urban climbing experience in the heart of NYC, look no further than Urban Ascent. This state-of-the-art climbing gym caters to climbers of all levels, offering a fantastic array of climbing routes that will push your limits and leave you craving more vertical adventures.


  • Urban Ascent NYC boasts an impressive selection of climbing routes designed to challenge climbers of every skill level. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced climber, you’ll find walls perfectly suited to your abilities.
  • The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Urban Ascent are always ready to assist and provide guidance to climbers, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.
  • For those who love the intensity of bouldering, Urban Ascent features an extensive and ever-changing bouldering area that guarantees to keep you engaged and entertained.
  • The gym fosters a strong and supportive climbing community, making it an excellent place to meet like-minded adventurers and share climbing stories.


Can I bring my children to these climbing gyms?

Yes, many gyms offer climbing classes and walls suitable for children. The Cliffs at DUMBO and BKB Queensbridge, for example, are known for their kid-friendly walls and youth programs.

Do these gyms host community events or workshops?

Yes, many gyms organize community events, competitions, and workshops to bring climbers together and foster a sense of community. Keep an eye on their event calendars for exciting opportunities.

Is there a co-working space available at any of these gyms?

Yes, BKB Queensbridge provides a well-designed co-working space with Wi-Fi access, making it an excellent option for climbers who need to work remotely.

Can I purchase climbing gear at these gyms?

Yes, some gyms have pro shops where you can purchase climbing gear, including harnesses, carabiners, and climbing shoes.

Are there any showers or saunas available for post-climbing relaxation?

Yes, BKB Queensbridge offers saunas and showers, providing a perfect way to unwind after a challenging climbing session.

Are there any group events or birthday party packages available?

Yes, The Gravity Vault – Hoboken offers group events and birthday party packages, making it an excellent choice for celebrations and team-building activities.

Can I try lead climbing at these gyms?

Yes, most of the gyms listed, such as Climb On NYC and The Cliffs at LIC, offer lead climbing walls for climbers seeking a more challenging and dynamic climbing experience.


The diverse and vibrant rock climbing scene in NYC offers an array of thrilling options for adventurers and climbing enthusiasts alike. From state-of-the-art facilities with innovative routes to supportive and friendly communities, these climbing gyms are designed to cater to climbers of all skill levels.

Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps into the vertical world or a seasoned climber seeking new challenges, each gym has something unique to offer. Whether it’s bouldering problems that test your problem-solving skills or lead climbing walls that push your physical limits, you’ll find the perfect challenge for you.

Beyond the climbing itself, these gyms foster a sense of camaraderie, allowing climbers to connect and share their passion for scaling heights. The social spaces, fitness areas, and community events create a thriving environment where friendships are formed, and climbing stories are exchanged.

So, whether you’re a local New Yorker or a visitor to the city, grab your climbing shoes, chalk bag, and a sense of adventure. Embark on an urban climbing journey, conquer new heights, and savor the adrenaline-pumping experiences that await you in these fantastic rock climbing gyms. Happy climbing!