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#HighWithoutWalls - New Art Exhibit is Located Everywhere

For the next 8 days, High Museum is curating one heck of an artistic experience. They want YOU to choose the submissions with your exploratory skills and your smartphone.

See the growing collection: #highwithoutwalls

#highwithoutwalls find in Fort Myers, FL by Jaydon Johnson

#highwithoutwalls find in Atlanta Botanical Gardens, GA by Erich Schuler

#highwithoutwalls find at Marietta Pizza Co., GA by Patrice Nicole

Their new experiment is called High Without Walls, and it grows from an ongoing conversation with nearby Southern Polytechnic State University's new media students. High Without Walls considers whether museums can transcend traditional geographic and social limitations to become newly meaningful for a digital age audience.

That is, will a show curated by everyone and located everywhere be more awesome?

Let's find out. See High Without Walls' collection as it emerges live on Trover.com. And submitting your own entry to the exhibit is free and open to everyone worldwide.

Join the #highwithoutwalls museum revolution:

1. See a great piece of art. Could be a painting, sculpture, or even a scene waiting to be photographed for the first time.

2. Take a photo of it.

3. Upload it to Trover's free mobile app (iPhone/Android). Make sure the location is correct.

4. Include #highwithoutwalls in your description.

High Museum staff will review all Trover discoveries with a #highwithoutwalls tag. Their choices will be shown at a special one-night-only event on November 10.

Museums In the Digital Age

Traditionally, museums have been The Place To See Great Art. It's protected by walls, guards, and entry fees. And you can only see what's on display at the time. Don't care for Impressionists? Too bad.

But now, in the age of Google, we can see all the art we want. The Great Masters aren't restricted to museums anymore. We're able to choose and view our favorites from the comfort of our mobiles.

Yet seeing art on a screen, devoid of context, is a poor man's substitute. Art is enriched by its context: what the artist lived through, what their contemporaries were doing, how they themselves viewed their work. It takes a deeply motivated viewer to glean those subtleties from the art alone.

High wants to stem the bleed of watered-down art viewing. To retain the curated context, but include the digital independence viewers have come to insist upon. They're inviting viewers all around the world to add their voices to the show.

If you helped create something, would you love it more?

You tell us.

If you're in Atlanta, you should absolutely attend High Museum's Nov. 10 event. And even if you're not, contribute to the museum revolution.

Download Trover for iPhone or Android and submit your art find to #highwithoutwalls now.

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