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Seattle Trover Gallery Show - Sept 8


Seattleites, circle September 8th on your calendar as the night to attend the first ever Trover gallery show at the Trover World Headquarters!

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
307 3rd Ave South #520, Seattle

This will be a night to mix and mingle with the Seattle All-City Trovers. Liquid libations will be flowing, conversations will be sparking, and discoveries will take center stage as we show off their work.

If you would like to attend this night with your fellow trovers please RSVP as tickets are limited.

Our Seattle All-City Trovers:

Christopher Morris
Jennifer Burlingame
Jessica Tsao
Jet Sisouvong
Josh Rohr
Mark Iverson
Megan Prine
Mónica Guzmán
Ron Mendoza
Shawn McClung
Shoshannah Moxley
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