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Travel, Share, and Win with Trover’s #TroveOn Contest


Show us favorite spots you’ve discovered, and our panel of rockstar travel blogging judges might show you $750 in travel bucks.

So maybe you found a great spot to skinny dip during your hike, or stumbled upon an amazing dive bar with a sweet patio. Why not share these precious gems on Trover, and enter to win $750 free travel bucks?

Here’s how it works. You take a photo of somewhere cool or upload one from your archives. Then, post it to Trover by May 1, and start your description with “#TroveOn” for a chance to win one of these fabulous prizes:

  1. Grand Prize is $750 travel bucks
  2. Second Place is a $500 Apple gift card
  3. Third Place is a $150 Amazon gift card

And if those fab prizes aren't enough, you also have the opportunity to win weekly. If you tweet your discoveries using #TroveOn, you’ll be automatically entered into a weekly sweepstakes. One winner will be randomly selected every week to win a $50 Amazon gift card!

Join the #TroveOn Party

  1. From April 10 – May 1, 2014, upload original photos to or the Trover iPhone app.
  2. Write “#TroveOn” at the beginning of your description, then tell us a few cool details about the location.
  3. Huzzah! You’re automatically entered to win $750 and more fantastic prizes.

We’ll announce the Grand Prize winners on the Trover blog May 9th.

Trove on!

See full contest rules and eligibility requirements here.

Be cool, spread the word to your peeps!

Why the big contest? Because Trover’s founders, Rich Barton and Jason Karas, have built a Pinterest for travel + so much more and they want to inspire some amazing travel experiences this summer. Featured by the Huffington Post as "One of the 5 Apps to Help Feed Your Wanderlust", Trover is all about travel, exploration and discovery. The app and the community focus on getting travelers to see the best of everywhere and it helps makes serendipity the best travel guide.

Remembering Kurt Cobain: A Photoblog Mapping Seattle’s Grunge Rock Scene

The love of grunge music from Nirvana’s lead singer, Kurt Cobain inspires one fan to use Trover to keep his memory alive 20-years later

The OK Hotel is the location of Nirvana’s first live performance of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” – a song that turned the band into a breakout success and transformed Seattle into the grunge capital of the world. Now, 20 years after the tragic and untimely death of Nirvana’s lead singer, Kurt Cobain, the OK Hotel still stands today.

As time passes, it’s easy to forget that one of Seattle’s iconic music artists had one of his earliest performances just around the corner, but Seattle music blogger Katy McCourt-Basham, certainly hasn’t forgotten. Katy, or “Six Bones” as she’s known on Trover, joined only weeks ago, and since then has already begun to memorialize the places that are now historical landmarks for many Nirvana and Seattle grunge music fans.

Seattle’s Grunge Landmarks - a photo list by Six Bones

Her collection of photos of retro storefronts, bars and buildings may seem a bit pedestrian at first glance, but each include simple captions that together tell a very remarkable story of a local legend and other famous grunge bands. You see, Six Bones magically brings together a journey once taken by Cobain including the original location of Sub Pop Records, an iconic Seattle indie label that founded Nirvana or the venue for the “Nevermind” album release party at Re-Bar.

"I’m captivated by the stories behind these places. Grunge drew the eyes of the world to our rainy little corner of America,” said Katy McCourt-Basham, the woman behind Six Bones. "It helped make Seattle the major hub of independent music it is today. When you walk into a bar or past certain buildings, you're connected to that legacy."

She leaves a nostalgic trail for other fans to discover, as many of these locations continue to support various bands and vocalists today on their path to fame. We’re grateful to have these experiences and invite other music fans to discover her collection or tell their own music-centric journey. So, give us the goods on must-see music festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo, or great local spots like The Roxy Theater on Cali’s Sunset Boulevard or the Grand Ol’ Opry in Nashville.

Because why would you want to let the journeys end there? Keep them alive on Trover #music so we too can follow the ‘tracks’ of various bands, artists and venues.

Welcome Jen! The Trover Team is Growing!

It's not easy to become the visual and community backbone of the travel web, but when you have a highly talented team the sky's the limit, which is why we're excited to announce the addition of Jen Nausin as our VP of marketing.

Every day, Trovers tell us that we have become their Pinterest for travel and you know what? We're so flattered. We love Pinterest, (who doesn't?) but we want Trover to be something much more than that for travelers. We have set out to build something big, something important and we have distinguished ourselves by offering a more location-based platform to share travel stories. Hiring a VP of marketing is a commitment to growth and honoring the quality of our community. As always, we are driven by earning the right to serve more and more explorers, travel hounds and localistas.

As Trover's first VP of marketing, Jen will lead global marketing, brand strategy, and fuel the fire of growth for our community. She is crazy-passionate about understanding what makes people happy, their aspirations, and building Trover around our shared values. She's also a candy aficionado so stay tuned for some sweet discoveries. We’re thrilled to have her as part of the Trover family.

We've asked Jen to highlight her favorite list on Trover so you can get to know her a little better

The Lone Tree - a photo list by Patrick Laughlin

You can also follow her on Trover at Reach out to her, get to know her and happy Troving!

Engage Your Audience with a Visual Story

View Fen's photos on Trover

Hey travel hounds and localistas! Exciting news from Trover HQ today. Today we announced three FREE photo widgets that can help you publish original location-based photos created and curated by Trover’s community of travelers and local culture enthusiasts.

Great sites such as Bing Travel already publish Trover photos to inspire their readers to visit more than 3,000 destinations worldwide. We believe Trover can also help you more deeply engage your audience through the power of pictures and storytelling.

Head over to to grab one of the widgets for your site.

We’d love to hear what you think of the new widgets and we’ll continue to improve them with your feedback. Please send any suggestions over to

And, please tell a friend about Trover to help spread the news of our growing community and make sure to like us on Facebook.

It's Snowing in Trover!


All hail the mighty snow! We worship your cool beauty. We are your denizens, your snowtopians. We traverse you in skis and zip lines, on snowmobiles and dog sleds, even on our snow pants-covered butts!

Join the #Snowtrove2014 party. It's easy!

  1. Find your all-time favorite snow photo. (You can post something new to Trover or find an existing Trover photo.)
  2. Tag it “#Snowtrove2014”
  3. Receive $250 for Patagonia gear (if you win)

See the #Snowtrove2014 Challenge List now

The fine print

  1. The discovery that receives the most Thanks during the #Snowtrove2014 challenge will win a $250 Patagonia gift card
  2. #Snowtrove2014 challenge runs Jan 24 – Feb 17, 2014
  3. Discoveries which have already won a Trover prize are not eligible to win again

Choose the Discovery of the Year 2013!

Trovers, you’ve been active this year! Thank you so much for sharing your adventures and discoveries with us.

To celebrate this year’s awesomeness, we’ve chosen 54 top discoveries from 2013. These are the best of the best.

See the list of nominees now.

Now we need to choose the absolute best. Which one should be the Discovery of the Year? Cast your vote – thank your favorites now!

The discovery that earns the most NEW thanks between Dec 12 and Jan 6 will be named Discovery of the Year. They’ll also receive a $200 Amazon gift certificate to gear up for future adventures.

Thanks for sharing your world with us in 2013. We’ll see you in 2014!

Thank your favorites now.

Scuba Mami's Adventure in Papua New Guinea

Exuberant and outgoing, Scuba Mami has been a trover since early 2012. She’s shared over 1300 discoveries to date and is a familiar face to many in this adventurer’s clubhouse.

Some envious travelers might say she's cracked the code to the ultimate travel lifestyle: Scuba travels for about six weeks per year (and snaps hundreds of incredible photos), and manages to maintain a "regular" 9-5 office job.

How does she do it? We grabbed a few wise words from our veteran globetrotter.

Traveler Name: Scuba Mami

Location: The Big Apple

#1 travel accessory: My camera

Scuba recently took a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Papua New Guinea.

She calls it “the Final Frontier for real travelers,” for its broad tribal diversity and how few travelers count it among their travels. (Papua New Guinea attracts just 70,000 visitors annually.)

How does PNG compare to other places you've been?
Papua New Guinea is like Star Trek. It's the Final Frontier. PNG is the destination to “boldly go” where most people have not gone before… cue the music!

Is it for everybody?
No. If you want Disney, or the Caribbean, or modern Europe, PNG is not for you.

Tips to future PNG visitors?
You MUST be with a guide AT ALL TIMES if not in an enclosed resort.

Land is everything in PNG. If you go on someone's land without a guide, it's like walking into someone’s house without their permission.

However, if you are with a guide, this gives you “permission” to walk/drive through their lands. With this “official entry pass,” their smiles and curiosity about you and what you think about their country will absolutely melt your heart.

See more of Scuba’s PNG adventures on her Trover List "Another Happy Nomad Adventure – Papua New Guinea".

There and Back Again, South Pole edition

Peak 1882 is one of the highest points in Antarctica. Photo credit: Fernando Begay

Right now, two men are pulling 440-lb. sleds across Antarctica, headed for the South Pole.

Ben Saunders and Tarka L'Herpiniere are two awesome and possibly insane Brits. They're trying to complete Captain Scott's last expedition, trekking 1800 miles through the coldest, windiest, harshest climate in the world.

This adventure will be the longest unsupported polar journey in history.

They're calling it the Scott Expedition.

Ben and Tarka are still blogging from Antarctica. Ask them questions or send encouragement in the comments.

Ready to take on Antarctica? Explore the southernmost continent through the eyes of one resident: Fernando Begay's Antarctica: the Frozen Continent list.

Hat tip:

Banksy's NYC Art Attack

Anonymous British street artist Banksy spent October sneaking his art into spots all over New York City. Take a stroll around the #BanksyNY List to see his work and learn about the individual pieces.

Hat-tip to Banksy fans Bob Cooley, Scuba Mami, and Eli Ditmore for helping us enjoy this project from afar.

Photo credit: Bob Cooley

59 of the World's Most Spine-Chilling Places


"Did you hear that?"

This spooky season, seek your haunted adventures among these ruined buildings. What lurks around every corner... creaky floorboard or vengeful ghost?

Explore the ruins of Trover's #Abandoned discoveries.

Have a ghostly building to add to the list? Tag it #abandoned. We'll go in together, with our flashlights.

Trover Team

Welcome Aboard, Bing Travel!

Bing Travel App

We have some great news. Bing Travel is now featuring Trover discoveries in their new travel app!

As of today, Bing's travel app will start showcasing some of our community’s best discoveries on Windows 8.1 PCs, tablets and smartphones. This means that loads more adventurous folks will see our photos, get inspired, and maybe even join our community.

When discoveries are selected to appear in the Bing Travel app, they'll include your user name and, so you’ll always get credit for your awesome finds. We hope this leads to a little personal notoriety and some new connections to interesting people around the world.

We’re really excited about this partnership. If, at any time, you want to remove your discoveries from consideration by Bing Travel, just let us know at

THANK YOU for making this possible. Onward and upward!

Fight the Inertia – Building a Personal Travel Writing Brand

Whale Shark
Lisa and George Rajna swim with whale sharks in Oslob, Cebu, Philippines

Lisa Niver Rajna and George Rajna, founders of We Said Go Travel, host travel storytelling contests for emerging travel writers.

They shared a few minutes with Trover on building a personal travel brand. Here are a few gems from our chat.

You and George have established quite a travel blog together. What advice would you give to someone considering a travel blog of their own?

Lisa: Thank you! We have been fortunate to have so many travelers choose to share their stories with us through our website and contests. My advice for someone considering a travel blog of their own would be to just start. The inertia against beginning is one of the hardest things for most people. There are many choices to be made but you can always refine your site later.

Pick a day of the week and post once a week somewhere. Once you begin, you can figure out the next pieces. As they say, “Every journey begins with one step.”

One great first step would be our travel-writing contests. The “Gratitude” contest begins September 11. It has a free entry and $1,000 USD in cash prizes. All contest entries that meet our requirements will be published on our site.

How essential is photography these days in the travel blogging world? Is it possible to get away with stock images?

Lisa: For George and I, using our own photos and writing about where we have personally been is essential. We recently heard about a writer who wrote about places she has never been and uses creative commons photos. For us and our site, if you are going to share about how a place transforms you, you need to have actually been there!

George: However, if personal photos are not an option, we would recommend using creative commons on Flickr or another site where usage is permitted.

When did you know you were a Traveler, and not just someone taking a trip?

George: I realized I was a traveler when my rationale for traveling changed from being someone that wanted to just relax or hang out to learning about other cultures and peoples.

Lisa: During the years I worked for Club Med and on cruise ships, I realized that being away was a lifestyle choice. My manager had been at sea for twenty years. I started to consider that I could invent whatever plan worked for me. Traveling with George and being on the road feels like home! is a community of travelers and travel writers, co-founded by Lisa Niver Rajna and George Rajna. We Said Go Travel strives to inspire and inform about all parts of our planet.

The Rajnas are currently traveling from Asia towards Los Angeles and speaking at the Festival of the Pacific. Follow them on Trover to share their Pacific adventures.

Camp Anywhere in the World

If you could camp anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Taste the fresh air. It's time to get outside.

If you could go camping anywhere in the world, where would you go? Rolling hills or rocky cliffs? Pounding surf or trickling brook?

Find your ideal spot in Trover's #Camp List now.

Plus: Know a great campsite? Upload a pic of your favorite camping location and include "#camp" in your description to add to the #Camp List instantly.

Grab Your Bucket: It's Time for the Wine Fight

Wine Fight
Stoke Travel

Every summer in northern Spain, one quiet hillside is disrupted with raucous celebration. Hundreds of people pick up buckets, squirt guns, squeeze bottles and even old boots… and load them up with wine. And douse everybody.

The Batalla del Vino, or Wine Fight, is a centuries-old tradition. Maybe it started as a genuine disagreement, or maybe it was always a lighthearted event.

One way or another, this annual festival is a perfect excuse to indulge in the Rioja region's vibrant wine culture and explore a regional gem that goes overlooked by many travelers.

Can't make it to the festivities? Join the fun on Trover and see La Rioja, our Featured Destination.

We're Raising the Bar: The #BarLove Challenge

#BarLove Challenge

Is your favorite bar in Trover? NO?!

Rep your bar, man! We want to know about your favorite watering hole, and what makes it so special.

Show us the sign for your favorite bar. Show us your neon! Show us your hand-painted! Show us your wooden mermaids! Show us your back-of-the-VW-vans!

To win, your #BarLove discovery must earn the most thanks by May 27. When you win, Trover will arrange a $75 bar tab at a local bar of your choice.

See the #BarLove Challenge List now.

The Fine Print

  1. Share by May 27 at noon Pacific time
  2. Include #BarLove and some info on why this bar rocks
  3. Only upload your own photos, please

It's OK to enter more than one bar sign discovery. It's OK to tag preexisting Trover bar sign discoveries with #BarLove, but existing thanks won’t count toward winning. Everyone starts at square one.

Eco Photo Walk in Seattle

Eco Photo Walk

We’re partnering with Instagramers Seattle and We Are Juxt to celebrate Earth Day, National Parks Week, and Arbor Day with an Eco Walk. Come join us and relish the great outdoors with your photo buddies.

Donate for Free

Help Trover donate. For every tree you photograph & share before Earth Day on April 22, we’ll donate $2 to Conservation International to bolster their work to preserve nature around the world. Just tag your tree photo with #treetrove to contribute.

Bonus: we’ll donate an additional $200 to the green cause of your choice if you earn the most #treetrove thanks.

See the #Treetrove list now.

When: Saturday, April 20th
Time: 11:00 AM
Where: Japanese Garden, Washington State Arboretum (meet outside entrance)
Hosts: @trover_guide @wearejuxt @Igers_Seattle

#Treetrove Challenge

#Treetrove Challenge

Get outside and spend a moment with a favorite tree in your neighborhood. Snap a picture that shows its character, and share a few words in a toast to your big leafy friend.

For every tree you photograph & share before Earth Day on April 22, we’ll donate $2 to Conservation International to bolster their work to preserve nature around the world.

Bonus: we’ll donate an additional $200 to the green cause of your choice if you earn the most #treetrove thanks.

See the #Treetrove list now.

Sharing a favorite tree will also point fellow trovers to some local shade or a spot to kick back, gaze up, and soothe a racing mind. All hail the trees, the big green gems in our cities!

It’s fun and easy to share some Tree Love:

  1. Post a photo of a beloved tree on Trover. Branch, bark, blossom or blowin’ in the wind… it’s all good
  2. Tag it #treetrove

The Fine Print:

  1. Upload by April 22 at noon Pacific time
  2. Only upload your own photos, please
  3. Tree must be on public property

It's OK to enter more than one tree discovery. It's OK to tag preexisting Trover tree discoveries with #treetrove, but existing thanks won’t count toward winning. Everyone starts at square one.

#Lateplates Challenge Winner

Tony Butler at STOUT

The ultimate tasty late-night snack has been chosen. Tony Butler's discovery at STOUT Burgers in Los Angeles wins the #Lateplates Challenge.

Tony will receive a $200 credit to HotelTonight to support further adventures.

Thanks for playing, everyone. Stay tuned for upcoming challenges!

#Lateplates Challenge - Top midnight eats in your city!

#Lateplates Challenge

The tango instructors are heading home, the actors are exiting stage left, and the concession stand is closing. But you're hours away from sleeping - and your party has built up an appetite. You need to find a Lateplate ASAP.

Late-night eateries are the crucial venue for final tomfoolery, wrapping up the convo, and ensuring a big happy sleep. Everyone has a favorite. We want to see yours.

The #Lateplates Challenge is easy. Win $200 HT credits for the most popular late-night eatery shot!

Join the #Lateplates Challenge

  1. See something worthy at a late-night eatery
  2. Upload to Trover with the tag #Lateplates
  3. Eat your food, because it's getting cold

The #Lateplates discovery with the most Thanks at noon Pacific on April 1 will win.

We're proud to team up with the evening experts at HotelTonight on this challenge. HotelTonight is the ultimate way to book a last-minute hotel stay at the coolest hotels until 2am. For iPhone/iPad and Android.

It's OK to enter more than one discovery.

It's OK to tag preexisting Trover discoveries with #Lateplates. However, existing thanks won’t be included in the contest count. Everybody starts at square one.

Remember Trover is for original photos only. Respect artists’ rights.

iPhone Trover 1.4.6 is Live!

Trover IPhone App

Our latest version of Trover for your iPhone is now live. Grab your iPhone and try the new Trover. Here are some of the improvements you’ll find…

World Browsing, Your Way

Click the new Globe tab. You'll instantly see all the discoveries closest to you.

Looking something specific, like Art? Just tap the search window and tell Trover what you're looking for. We'll show you a mosaic of nearby Art discoveries.

Like maps? Click the map pin icon at the top of any page with discoveries, and see them on a map.

Easier and Better Following

Your Trover Newsfeed gets more fun and personalized every time you follow somebody who interests you. So, we've added Follow buttons in key places throughout the app.

We're also starting to suggest people that might match your interests. Head over to the News tab, and click the +Person in the upper left of the screen.

Pay No Attention To That Man Behind the Curtain

Finally, we’ve done a bunch of tinkering under the hood to make Trover faster, smoother, and more dependable. If you don’t notice any of those changes, it means we’ve done our job. All you should notice is an easy, fun world-exploring experience.

We'd love to hear feedback on these changes, and any new feature ideas.

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